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All Exercise Science and Sport Studies majors must complete an internship during their senior year - with the exception of the Sport Studies major where an internship can be taken as elective credits if the eligibility criteria is met.  The internship is primarily an apprenticeship experience which provides the student with an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills obtained in the classroom to a variety of professional environments in addition to “on-the-job” training in a career of their choice.

Students must complete either 3 or 6 credits of internship in one of the internships listed below.  A 3-credit internship corresponds to 126 hours or 9 hours/week for a 14 week semester.  A 6-credit internship corresponds to 252 hours or 18 hours/week for a 14 week semester.

01:377:490    Internship in Sport Management 6 credits
01:377:493 Internship in Exercise Science 3 or 6 credits
01:377:494 Internship in Exercise Physiology I 3 credits
01:377:495 Internship in Exercise Physiology II    3 credits
01:377:497 Internship II* 3 credits

 *Only available after completing the internship required for student's major.  May not be used to fulfill any portion of the credits required as electives with each option.

To be eligible for an internship, students must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Complete a minimum of 90 credits with a cumulative overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.0.
  2. Complete a minimum of 20 credits within the major with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 for all those courses required for the major.

Internships are available in the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. They are not offered during the Winter Session.

A mandatory internship orientation meeting is held every semester (first Wednesday in October and first Wednesday in February) for students planning to do an internship for the next semester.  For summer internships, students must attend the February orientation.  Look for postings under Announcements on this website or on the departmental bulletin board for the exact date, time and location of the orientation meetings.

A departmental internship director is available to assist you in identifying and securing an appropriate internship.  The internship director will evaluate all necessary paperwork and documentation, provide appropriate program information to both the interns and the intern supervisors, and assign the final semester grade.

The Internship Agency Directory is a listing of available internships appropriate for each major.  Students may nominate other potential internship agencies for possible approval by the internship director.


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