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Faculty Office Hours

 The department faculty are available to meet with students to discuss topics and questions regarding their specific areas of study.  


Loree Gymnasium
Loree Classroom Building
Busch Laboratory Center
Smithers Hall

Advise for ...              
Open Office Hours           
 Dr. Brandon Alderman Exercise Psychology   Loree Gym
Room 146
 Dr. Shawn Arent Exercise Physiology / Endocrinology      IFNH
Suite 220
 Mr. Art Berke Sport Management   Loree Gym
Room 067
 Dr. Jennifer Buckman Substance Use / Behavior Change   Smithers Hall
Room 225
 Dr. Sara Campbell Metabolism   Loree Gym
Room 061
 Mr. Adam DiVine Anatomy   Busch Lab Center
Room 157
 Dr. David Feigley Sport Psychology   Loree Gym
Room 107
 Mr. Mike Finkelstein Sport Business   Loree Gym
Room 144
 Mrs. Joanne Hunt Experiential Learning   Loree Gym
Room 111
 Dr. Susan Kaplowitz Exercise Gerontology   Loree Gym
Room 113
 Dr. Nicole Nagle Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine   Loree Gym
Room 109
 Mr. Javier Robles Special Populations   Loree Gym
Room 109
 Dr. Latisha Forster Scott Sport Psychology   Loree Gym
Room 067
 Dr. Andrea Spaeth Sleep, Health & Performance   Loree Classroom
Room 002

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