• Rose Greenblatt
  • Rose Greenblatt, OTD Student
  • Major: Exercise Science and Sport Studies
  • Minor: Psychology
  • Year of Graduation: 2017
  • Current Location: New Jersey
  • Current Occupation: Occupational Therapy Doctoral Student at Washington University in St. Louis

Why did you choose your major/ minor, and what did you like most about it?

I was fascinated by the human body and I loved that my major allowed me to study topics such as anatomy and motor learning. I also wanted to learn how social and physical environments impact human health and functioning and this academic path brought me towards that opportunity. It also worked very well with the requirements for occupational therapy school application.

Tell us about your journey since graduation and the ways your experiences at Rutgers and SAS have contributed to your success:

After graduating I had a gap year before graduate school and during that time I worked with the Department of Developmental Disabilities as a Direct Support Professional and Support Coordinator. At an alumni tailgate I reconnected with RU Kines faculty who also gave me the opportunity to teach with Professor Robles. The mentorship and support I received during that year was instrumental to my continued growth and during the COVID-19 pandemic I rejoined Professor Robles to help advocate with the Disability community for equity throughout the crisis. I am getting ready to complete my Doctoral Experiential Component this Fall and Professor Robles will be my mentor as I work with the NJ Disability community and the NJ Occupational Therapy Association to advocate for equity across the state. My career is forever entwined with Rutgers and the Kinesiology department and for that I am sincerely grateful. With that said, I am one of the proud last SEBS ESSS students but SAS is great.

What advice do you have for our current Arts and Sciences Students?: Follow your heart and trust your gut. If it doesn’t feel right and bring you joy, keep looking - something else will. 

Do you have any exciting news to share?: A profile was recently released naming me as a future leader in Washington University’s OT alumni magazine! 

Which campus bus was your favorite or least favorite, and why?: I used to despise the EE because it had so many stops but now that loop is a nice nostalgic trip around my favorite campus. 

If you were a fat sandwich, which would you be?: The fat Darrell because it’s classic perfection. *chef’s kiss*

Which place on campus is most memorable for you?: Passion puddle because I’ve spent many hours there and it’s outside of Loree where I’ve spent way too many hours.