• Jamie Moschetto
  • Jamie Moschetto, Founder and Owner of Figure Fitness L.L.C.
  • Major: Sport Management
  • Minor: Human Resource Management
  • Year of Graduation: 2018
  • Current Location: New Jersey
  • Current Occupation: Private In-Home Personal Trainer

Why did you choose your major/ minor, and what did you like most about it?

I started as an Exercise Science major, but after my freshman year I realized that I was more interested in the business side of the sports industry. Luckily it was an easy transition to Sport Management and I never looked back. I think it’s fascinating to see how much organization goes into any kind of business regardless of the industry, but being focused on sports made courses much more enjoyable. 

Tell us about your journey since graduation and the ways your experiences at Rutgers and SAS have contributed to your success: This department does a really good job at supporting their students while also making sure that they are challenged. Despite having 2 internships under my belt at graduation, straight out of college I wasn’t actually sure what exactly I wanted to do. Being a competitive athlete growing up, I was always very active and I really loved helping others find what motivated them to get moving. So after some deliberation and talking with some of my peers from Rutgers, I decided I’d look into becoming a personal trainer. Starting a business can seem very intimidating, but with the broad spectrum of courses that this department offers I knew that I was capable of figuring out how to kickstart a successful business. 

What advice do you have for our current Arts and Sciences Students?: Try to get organized ASAP. There are lots of resources around campus to help you out whether you’re struggling with your schoolwork or just a little overwhelmed with life in general so seek them out and take advantage of them. 

Do you have any exciting news to share?: I recently launched a website (figurefitnessllc.com) for my small business where I have all the information about myself and my training services. 

Where was your favorite "treat yourself" spot for food on Easton? Daniels hands down. I'd walk there in a snowstorm for a slice of chicken vodka pizza)

Favorite study spot: The Livi apartments if you could sneak in behind someone who lived there or the Yard. I am a sucker for those tables with pop-up outlets in them.

Favorite memory: The first nice day of spring semester is rejuvenating. But it also makes it nearly impossible to drag yourself to class so beware.