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Sheila M. Lawrence

Assistant Teaching Professor

Area:  Applied Statistics
End Degree:  Ph.D., Applied Statistics
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Applied Statistics

Licenses and Certifications

Dr. Lawrence was awarded certification on March 15, 2016 through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) by the Rutgers IRB (Institutional Review Board).  This certifies her knowledge in the ability to maximize the safety of subjects while conducting research.

Courses Taught

01:377:275  Basic Statistics for Exercise Science
01:377:276  Basic Statistics for Sport Management

Professional Background

Dr. Sheila Lawrence is an Assistant Teaching Professor with joint appointment between SAS, in the Department of Kinesiology and Health and the Department of Statistics, and SMLR (School of Management and Labor Relations).  She had been appointed to the Graduate Faculty at Rutgers as of May 2000.

Dr. Lawrence has more than 30 years of technical management experience with AT&T, Hoffmann-LaRoche, PSE&G, and the State of New Jersey.

Her teaching interests include statistics, quality/problem solving, survey design, and personal finance.  Her research interests include regression and forecasting, productivity analysis, and quality management.

She has 108 technical publications in the areas of statistics, management science, and supply chain.  She is also an active member of professional associations such as the American Statistical Association and INFORMS.

Awards and Achievements

Dr. Lawrence's ResearchGate score, a measure of one's research reputation, is 15.22 as of January 2017, with 581 Reads, with 93 Citations.

Dr. Lawrence has advanced to Senior Member status of ASQ (American Society for Quality).


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