• Nadyne Venturin-Trindade
  • Nadyne Venturin-Trindade
  • Teaching Instructor
  • Area: Sport Management
  • End Degree: MSc Sports Management
  • Office: Loree Classroom Building 132 (Douglass Campus)
  • Specialization: Global Sports Policy and Governance

Educational/Research Interests:

Nadyne is interested in the relationship between social responsibility and governance practices in the sports and leisure industry. Her research and teaching practice focus on i) global sports policies and governance issues and ii) strategic corporate social responsibility in private and publicly funded sports organizations and programs. She is currently involved in several research projects, collaborations, and public engagement activities with other academics, advocates and nonprofit sports organizations in the United States, The United Kingdom, Cape Verde, Italy and Brazil.


Trindade, N. V. (2021). Leisure provision for LGBTIQ+ refugees: opportunities and constraints on building solidarity and citizenship across difference in Brazil. In Caudwell, J. & Ugolotti, N. M. Leisure and Forced Migration: Lives Lived in the Asylum Systems. Routledge. London. De

Almeida, B. S., Graeff, B. & Trindade, N. V. (2021). Sport and Development in Brazil: Lessons from Multiple Sport Mega-Event Hosting and Sporting Programmes in Disadvantaged Communities. In Tinaz, C. & Knott, B. Sport and Development in Emerging Nations. Routledge. London.