Faculty Profile

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  • Labros Sidossis
  • Distinguished Professor
  • Area: Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle, Adipose Tissue Metabolism
  • End Degree: Ph.D. - Nutritional Biochemistry
  • Office: Loree Classroom Building, Room 018
  • Email: lsidossis@kines.rutgers.edu
  • Specialization: Effect of diet and physical activity on metabolic diseases

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Courses Taught

01:377:205   Principles of Healthy Lifestyle
01:377:415   Lifestyles of the Mediterranean (Study Abroad - Winter/Summer)
01:377:483   Topics: Exploring the Origins of the Mediterranean Diet in Crete Island (Study Abroad - Summer)

Research Interests

a) Lifestyle interventions for the prevention and treatment of metabolic diseases

b) Metabolic regulation after severe burn injury

c) Functional significance of brown fat activation and browning of white fat

d) Regulation of VLDL-TG metabolism

e) Obesity: Epidemiology, prevention and treatment

Selected Publications

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