• Latisha Forster Scott
  • Latisha Forster Scott
  • Assistant Teaching Professor, Coordinator for the Council for Leadership, Equity, Diversity in Sport (CLEDS)
  • Area: Sport Psychology
  • End Degree: Ph.D., Kinesiology
  • Office: Loree Classroom Building 114 (Douglass Campus)
  • Phone: 848-932-7086
  • Specialization: Issues of diversity and inclusion in sport, fitness, health, wellness, and physical education.  Racial and athletic identity development, athletic counseling, and exercise for wellness.

Licenses and Certifications


Courses Taught

01:377:301   Psychology of Sport and Exercise
01:955:305   Sport Sociology
01:955:316   Fitness Management
01:955:331   Gender Issues in Sport

Educational/Research Interests

Dr. Scott has presented nationally and published research on issues related to racial and athletic identity development; cultural practices as they relate to obesity, exercise and health; gender issues in society; socioeconomic issues as they impact health, education, sport, recreation, and mental health.  Dr. Scott created the Saliency of Race in Sport Questionnaire (SORIS-Q) which examines the role racial identity and experiences impact perceptions and behavior specifically within a sport context.  Interests also include lifeskill development for athletes, athletic counseling, fitness instruction and programming.


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