• Andrea Spaeth
  • Andrea Spaeth
  • Associate Professor, Undergraduate Academic Director
  • Area: Sleep, health, and performance
  • End Degree: Ph.D., Psychology
  • Office: Loree Gym 110 (Douglass Campus)
  • Phone: 848-932-0271
  • Specialization: Sleep, Weight Regulation, Metabolism
  • Laboratory: Rutgers Sleep Lab

Courses Taught

01:377:205   Principles of Healthy Lifestyle
01:377:301   Psychology of Sport and Exercise
01:377:336   Sleep, Health and Performance

Educational/Research Interests

Trained as an experimental psychologist, Dr. Spaeth has dedicated herself to a career in sleep research aimed at advancing our understanding of how changes in sleep behaviors affect health outcomes, with a focus on weight management and metabolic health. Dr. Spaeth developed her own independent line of research in this area as a graduate student by assessing the impact of sleep on weight, caloric intake and energy expenditure in healthy adults participating in an ongoing in-laboratory sleep restriction protocol. As a postdoctoral researcher, she gained experience in the implementation of sleep and meal timing interventions outside of the laboratory and examined the impact of these interventions on cardiometabolic outcomes. The ultimate goal of Dr Spaeth's research will be to develop and implement effective lifestyle modification interventions related to sleep in diverse at-risk populations to promote health and wellness.

Awards and Achievements

2015-2017 NIH Loan Repayment Program Award Recipient (NHLBI)
Examining the Neural basis of the Energy Intake Response to Sleep Loss

2016 Sleep Research Society Young Investigator Award

2014-2016 NIH T32 Postdoctoral Fellowship Award
Training Program in Sleep and Respiratory Neurobiology

2012-2014 NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award F31 (NIA)
Effects of Chronic Sleep Restriction on Energy Homeostasis in Healthy Adults

Selected Publications

For a full publications record click here.

1. Spaeth, A. M., Dinges, D. F., & Goel, N. (2017). Objective measurements of energy balance are associated with sleep architecture in healthy adults. SLEEP, 40: zsw018.

2. Spaeth, A. M., Dinges, D. F., & Goel, N. (2015). Resting metabolic rate varies by race and by sleep duration. Obesity, 23, 2349-2356.

3. Spaeth, A. M., Dinges, D. F., & Goel, N. (2015). Phenotypic vulnerability of energy balance responses to sleep loss in healthy adults. Scientific Reports, 5: 14920.

4. Spaeth, A. M., Dinges, D. F. & Goel, N. (2014) Sex and race differences in caloric intake during sleep restriction in healthy adults, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 100, 559-566.

5. Spaeth, A. M., Dinges, D. F. & Goel, N. (2013) Effects of experimental sleep restriction on weight gain, caloric intake and meal timing in healthy adults, SLEEP, 36, 981-990.

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