• Art Berke
  • Art Berke
  • Lecturer
  • Area: Sport Management
  • End Degree: B.S., Education and Journalism
  • Specialization: Sports Media, Communications and Management

Courses Taught:
        01:955:406   Administration in Sport Management
        16:475:514   Sports Media and Pop Culture (graduate)

Professional Background

Art Berke served as an award-winning communications executive for more than 30 years at the highest level of the sports industry with Major League Baseball, ABC-TV and Sports Illustrated.


AuthorUnsung Heroes of the Major Leagues (Random House), This Date in Chicago White Sox History (Stein & Day), ABC Sports: The First 25 Years (ABC Television), Babe Ruth (Franklin Watts), Gymnastics (Franklin Watts)

Editor in ChiefLincoln Library of Sports Champions, a 14-volume encyclopedia

Editor/Writer Inside the White Sox blog on whitesox.com

Content EditorWhite Sox Magazine