Faculty Profile

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  • Tracy E.K. Davis
  • Lecturer
  • Area: Aging
  • End Degree: Ph.D., Gerontology
  • Phone: 856-566-2765
  • Email: ted58@shp.rutgers.edu
  • Specialization: Health Promotion and Aging

Courses Taught:

        01:377:304   Exercise and Aging

Professional Background

Dr. Tracy Davis has two undergraduate degrees and a Master's degree from the University of South Florida and a Doctoral degree from the University of Kentucky.  She holds a certificate in Applied Statistics from the University of Kentucky.  Dr. Davis joined Rutgers University in the Fall of 2013.  She is a full-time faculty member in the Interdisciplinary Studies department in the School of Health Professions where she is the Aging Track Coordinator for the aging track in the undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

In addition to teaching, she is involved in numerous research projects.  The majority of her research focuses on HIV prevention among older adults and disability among those living with HIV.

Selected Publications

1.  Davis, T., Zanjani, F. (2012). Prevention of HIV among Older Adults: A Literature Review and Recommendations for Future Research. Journal of Aging and Health, 24(8), 1339-1420.

2.  Davis, T., Thornton, A., Oslin, D., & Zanjani, F. (2014). Medication and Behavioral Adherence among HIV+ Older Adults. Clinical Gerontologist, 37(5), 458-474.

3.  Zanjani, F., Davis, T., Newsham, P., Newsham, T., Munk, N., Schoenberg, N., & Martin, C. (2014). Psychiatric Appointment Management Intervention Effects, Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, 0(0), 1-3.

4.  Davis, T., Teaster, P., Thornton, A., Watkins, J., Alexander, L., & Zanjani, F. (2015). Primary Care Providers HIV Prevention Practices among Older Adults, The Journal of Applied Gerontology, 1-18.