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Who Could Benefit from Exercise and Behavioral Treatment?

Brain Activity"Our study needs to be replicated, but the precision medicine approach of predicting who may or may not benefit from exercise as an antidepressant is provocative," said senior author Brandon L. Alderman, an associate professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health.
Read full articles:  Rutgers Today and EurekAlert!

Susan Kaplowitz receives The Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching

Susan Kaplowitz

The Presidential Award for excellence in teaching is awarded annually to non-tenure-track, full-time faculty members in the arts and humanities, sciences, and social sciences who have demonstrated outstanding teaching skills in classroom instruction, clinical instruction, curriculum development, or mentoring.  Academic Affairs presents the 2019-2020 Faculty Year-End Awards

Three-minute Thesis Competition (3MT)

Bob Dowden

Doctoral student, Robert Dowden, Kinesiology & Health, presented “Long Reads” Show Exercise Alters “Who’s There?” in Gut Bacteria at the Three-minute competition. To view the 3MT Competition Video Click Here.

What is Sport and Exercise Science?

YouTube Video

Athletes today can run faster, jump higher and hit harder than ever before. Thanks, in part, to sport and exercise scientists who are using their understanding of physiology to optimize athletes training, performance and recovery.  Click here to see The Physiological Society YouTube video

Women Breaking Ground in the business of pro sports

Finkelstein News12NEWS12 New Jersey featured our Global Sports Business MS Program in a piece on women breaking ground in the business of pro sports, by working toward and earning non-traditional, high-level roles in the front office and on the field. NEWS12 spoke with Myron Finkelstein, Executive Director of the Global Sports Business Graduate Program in the Department of Kinesiology and Health. The news clip focused on Katie Sowers, San Francisco 49ers Offensive Assistant Coach in Super Bowl LIV.

Study may help lead to drugs aimed at diabetes and obesity

big red R 2

 Dr. Sidossis along with other scientists have discovered how brown fat, also known as brown adipose tissue, may help protect against obesity and diabetes.    Read More

Big Ten Academic Alliance

big 10 Academic AllianceDr. Sidossis recently organized and hosted the Big Ten Academic Alliance Kinesiology chairs meeting in Chicago.  The Big Ten Academic Alliance is an academic consortium of the 14 institutions that are members of the Big Ten Conference.



Current members:

Dr. Kokkinos presented at the American Heart Association Annual Meeting

Dr. Kokkinos presented at the Annual American Heart Association Meeting which was held November american heart association15-18, 2019 on the mortality risk according to CRF and RAAS-I Interaction.  Click for Details

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