Javier Robles Discusses Disability Bias in Covid Response

Disibility Bias patient

The Record talks with Javier Robles, a faculty member in the Department of Kinsesiology and Health about a new report that shows how disability bias spurred unnecessary COVID deaths. Social distancing rules kept caretakers, family members and advocates out when patients needed them most, Robles told The Record. "I am a quadriplegic. I was scared that I would end up in the hospital," he said. "If you went into the hospital, you were not going to come back out."

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2021’s Best Cities for Street Workouts (Calisthenics)

street workouts You don’t need a gym — or your own equipment — to tone up that pandemic body. With street workouts, the world is your gym.

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Faculty Spotlight

Steve Malin

Division of Life Sciences Spotlight on Dr. Steven Malin, Department of Kinesiology & Health

Tell me about yourself

I’m an Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health. I also have a joint appointment in the Department of Medicine/Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Nutrition. I’m affiliated with the Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health as well as Translational Medicine and Science. Prior to work at Rutgers, I was an Assistant Professor at the University  of Virginia. Metabolism is my favorite topic. In particular, focus on how one develops Type 2 diabetes is an area of big interest.

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Taking stock of disability protections, especially amid pandemic

nj spotlight news

This week, President Biden marked the 31st anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act by pushing for a reform that would allow people with long-term symptoms of COVID-19 to be protected against discrimination under the law. With this year’s milestone, advocates take stock of the progress made and the work remaining for those with different needs — an issue magnified during the pandemic, and one being highlighted during New Jersey’s Disability Pride Month.

Rutgers University professor and chair of the NJ Disabilities COVID-19 Action Committee, Javier Robles, explains where the state stands.

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Building a curriculum around "real world" experience


Mike Finkelstein, Executive Director of the Global Sports Business M.S. Program at Rutgers University, on how adding experiential learning and "soft skills" into courses helps differentiate students as they begin their careers.

Character is illustrated in what you do, how you act, how you show up. Creating the maturity and discernment we seek, to infuse ourselves with personal success, development and leadership require traits that we build off of “real world” experiences. Those experiential and applied experiences in our lives differentiate us and speak to our immediate ability to add value in our given areas of interest. 

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2021 Michael L. Pollock Student Scholarship, Gail E. Butterfield Nutritional Registrational Award

Mary Remchak

Mary-Margaret Remchak, a doctoral student in the AMP lab, was recently awarded the 2021 Michael L. Pollock Student Scholarship for Clinical Research as well as the Gail E. Butterfield Nutritional Registrational Award through the American College of Sports Medicine. The title of her work is Altered TCA cycle flux parallels insulin resistance and metabolic inflexibility in late chronotypes with obesity. Co-authors were: Dr. Emily M. Heiston, Ms. Anna Ballantyne, Ms. Brielle L. Dotson, Mr. Nathan R. Stewart, Dr. Andrea Spaeth, and Dr. Steven K. Malin.

Individuals often identify as being a “morning” or “evening” person. While this reflects generally when they may feel most productive, some research has suggested whether this identification (known as early and late chronotype) is linked to chronic disease. In fact, “evening” people have been associated with higher risks of obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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K & H Sport Management and Global Sport Business Teaching Instructor, Jason Henderson named 2021 NCAA Men's Team Coach of the Year Finalist - NJIT Athletics

Jason Henderson NCAA 2021NEWARK, NJ--After leading the NJIT fencing programs to a fourth place team finish at the 2021 National Collegiate Fencing Championships, head coach Jason Henderson has been selected as a NCAA Men's Team Coach of the Year Finalist the United States Fencing Coaches Association announced on Wednesday, April 14, 2021.

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Youth Sports Research Council recognized as a NYSS ChampionSM to Promote Participation in Youth Sports

Youth Sports Research Council becomes an NYSS Champion

nyss badge(New Brunswick) – The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is pleased to recognize the Rutgers Youth Sports Research Council (YSRC) as a National Youth Sports Strategy (NYSS) Champion.

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New Jersey residents with disabilities demand COVID-19 vaccine priority

dshw wheelchair racing on the track"Since the beginning, it's been pretty detrimental for people with disabilities in the state of New Jersey, specifically as it relates to just finding out what was going on with COVID and how it affected people," said Javier Robles, Chair of the NJ Covid-19 Disability Action Committee and Professor at Rutgers University.

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