Special Permission Numbers

What are Special Permission Numbers?

A Special Permission Number (SPN) is a unique code given by the department that allows students to register for a closed course. For some courses, you may request the code from the instructor teaching the course. Other courses will use the SPN Waitlist Request Portal.  (see the list of courses below)

Students need to keep in mind that there are no guarantees in obtaining an SPN when you put in a request for one. SPN’s are assigned based on priority, seniority, amount of cumulative credits, and of course, ultimately, availability. The process for applying for a Special Permission Number is very structured and specific—if you do not follow all of the directions, your SPN request will be rejected. Be sure to read any and all information regarding the request process for SPN’s.

The SPN is unique and only for you to use. Any student who gives out their assigned Special Permission Number to another student will be severely penalized, and risks not being assigned any future SPN's.  If you decide not to use your assigned SPN, please contact the department immediately via email to let us know: we will re-assign the SPN to another student who did not previously receive one.


Courses that have an SPN waitlist:

By clicking on the link to access the SPN Waitlist Application System, you are hereby acknowledging that you have read all of the instructions carefully and that you accept the responsibility of ensuring that your request has been submitted in the appropriate manner.   https://secure.sas.rutgers.edu/apps/special_permission/kines/

 * SPNs will not be given for Non-Major restrictions.  If you are a non-major please wait until the date the course opens to non-majors, do not request an SPN. 

377:140   Foundations of Kinesiology & Health
377:160   Intro to PT
377:161   Observation in PT
377:205   Principles of Healthy Lifestyle * (open to non-majors on 4/26)
377:215   Techniques of Athletic Training
377:223   Functional Human Anatomy Lecture * (open to non-majors on 4/26)
377:224   Functional Human Anatomy Lab * (open to non-majors on 4/26)
377:225   Contemporary Health Problems
377:252   Underserved Pop 3
377:275   Basic Statistics for Exercise Science
377:301   Psychology of Sport & Exercise * (open to non-majors on 4/23)
377:303   Neuromechanical Kinesiology
377:304   Exercise & Aging
377:324   Movement Experiences in Individuals with Disabilities
377:344   Anatomy Course Assistant (also contact Adam Divine This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
377:350   Biomechanics
377:360   Cannabis
377:370   Exercise Physiology * (open to non-majors on 4/23)
377:371   Exercise Physiology Lab * (open to non-majors on 4/23)
377:381   Biochem of Exercise
377:407   Administration of Exercise Science
377:410   Exercise Testing & Prescription
377:480   Honors Seminar Exercise Science
377:481   Honors Research in Exercise Science
955:203   Sport and the Law * (open to non-majors on 4/26)
955:204   Risk Management in Sport * (open to non-majors on 4/26)
955:226   Coaching Theory and Technique
955:276   Basic Statistics for Sport Management
955:305   Sport Sociology * (open to non-majors on 4/23)
955:306   Finance in Sport
955:308   Teaching & Coaching Individuals & Team Sports
955:311   Sport Marketing * (open to non-majors on 4/23)
955:312   Facilities Planning & Design
955:316   Fitness Management
955:330   Organizational Behavior in Sport Management * (open to non-majors on 4/23)
955:331   Gender & Sport
955:355   Professional Presentations in Sport Management * (open to non-majors on 4/23)
955:412   Advanced Sport Marketing * (open to non-majors on 4/23)


Courses that you should contact the Instructor directly for an SPN:

Email the Instructor of the course directly.  Include your name, Rutgers ID, Rutgers email address & the course name and number.  You will receive an email with the SPN.

377:170   Principles of Strength & Conditioning
377:180   Exercise & Relaxation
377:191   Cardio Conditioning
377:310   Motor Learning
377:315   Advanced Theory & Techniques of Athletic Training
377:340   Pediatric Physical Development & Fitness
377:455   Exercise Psychology
377:496   EKG Use & Interpret
955:332   Leadership Development in Sport
955:406   Admin Sport Management


Prerequisite Overrides

A student who is unable to register for a course because he or she lacks the proper prerequisites should not request a special permission number. Under some circumstances – for example, if the student has taken appropriate prerequisite courses elsewhere, and these are not yet credited to his or her Rutgers transcript, that would require a prerequisite override. Please email the advisor if a prerequisite override is needed.