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Kinesiology and Health Club

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The Kinesiology and Health Club at Rutgers University is a professional development club that gives students the opportunity to network with professionals in their field through career fairs, guest speakers, organized trips and community service.  We provide students access to major sports teams, graduate schools and facilities to emphasize the importance of networking and adding value to an organization.  Becoming actively involved with the club ensures that students will have the advantage of building new knowledge and skills for both personal development and career advancement.  Joining the Kinesiology and Health Club is as simple as attending meetings and helping out at major events and fundraisers.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see the latest jobs and internships available along with club activities.  We hope to see you at a meeting soon!

The Kinesiology and Health Executive Board 2022-2023

Faculty Advisor  Adam Divine
President June Kim
Vice President Neil Aurora
Secretary Sarah Velez
Treasurer Elaria Ibrahim
Social Media Monika Richczajd
Special Events Subcommittee Christopher Ching, Jennifer Mai, and Marcus Mossaad

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