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Teaching Assistants

 Teaching Assistants

The Center and all its activities and programs with senior citizens from the community are run by Teaching Assistants (TAs).  These students have previously taken the Exercise and Aging class, have stood out amongst their classmates in their participation and work ethic, and have been asked by Dr. Kaplowitz to assume this position.  They receive up to two credits for the year.  They also work directly with students from the class on selected assignments and help administer and grade homework assignments and exams.


The TAs for 2011-2012 and their future plans: 

Nicole Omaggio - UMDNJ for doctorate in public health
Bryanna Strang - graduate school for doctorate in physical therapy
Shelton Merceda - graduate school for physical therapy
Jessica Belsky - graduate school for physical therapy




TAs from past years have distinguished themselves in many different ways.  The careers they have gone into include:  medical doctors, physical therapists, directors of recreation services for seniors in community senior centers and assisted living facilities, geriatric social workers, personal trainers specializing in older adults, speech therapists, and teachers.

TAs from previous years include:

2013-2014 Esther Chan, Rachael Cocchia, Hadeer Shwket, Chris Wuttke, Evanna Tchir
2012-2013 Swathi Krishnarajapet, Mark Nairooz, Niyati Shah
2011-2012 Jessica Belsky, Shelton Merceda, Nicole Omaggio, Bryanna Strang
2010-2011 Julianne Barrett, Sabrina Shahbahrami, Mustafa Turan
2009-2010 Kimberlee Appezzato, Anthony Delli Paoli, Sarah Kenny, James Sacca
2008-2009 Heather Grimm, Nicole Robell, Doug Van Pelt
2007-2008 Rob Catalano, Tasnim Nafady, Traci Silver, Samantha Wilson
2006-2007 Arielle Brettler, Mike Cotrina, Lisa Fogel, Meidi Milad, Eliza Solovey
2005-2006 Heather Butler, Gladston Hackett, Matt Lucarello
2004-2005 Jose Geronomo, Leah Maderazo, Lindsy Rising, Jaidy Lopez
2003-2004 Heidi Knowlton, Alberte Olivier

 If there are any TAs that were inadvertently missed, please contact Dr. Kaplowitz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Center for Exercise and Aging is located in the Loree Gymnasium in the back suite of the Youth Sport Research Council office.

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