• World wide:

    • Across the world, it’s estimated that 15 percent of all people – that’s 1 billion human beings – have some sort of disability. According to the related evidence provided by the World Bank Association, one-fifth of the estimated global total, or between 110 million and 190 million people, experience significant disabilities.

    • Disability may increase the risk of poverty, through lack of employment and education opportunities, lower wages, and increased cost of living with a disability.

    • Persons with disabilities have to face living adversities, including inaccessible physical environments and transportation, the unavailability of assistive devices and technologies, gaps in service delivery, and discriminatory prejudice and stigma in society.

  • The United States of America:

    • In the United States alone, 20% of Americans live with at least one disability (about 48.9 million people). Everyone's condition is different from each other. Every need is different. 

      • 1 million live with severe disabilities.

      • 2 million have a functional limitation.

      • 5 million are youth.

    • 35% of working-age people with disabilities are employed.

    • 15% of people worldwide live with disabilities.

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