All students majoring in the Exercise Science or Sport Management must complete an internship during their senior year.  

          01:377:493 - Internship in Exercise Science (3 credits) or
          01:377:498 - Internship in Exercise Science (6 credits) 

          01:955:490 - Internship in Sport Management (6 credits)

Note:  3 credits = 126 hours, 6 credits = 252 hours 

Internships are designed as an apprentice-like experience during which students have the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills developed in the classroom in various professional settings.

To qualify for their senior internship, students must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Complete a minimum of 90 credits, with a minimum of 20 credits in the major.
  2. Overall GPA must be at least 2.0.
  3. Major GPA must be at least 2.0.
  4. Meet all deadlines for submission of application, agreements and evaluations.

Preparations for internship candidates occur the semester prior to the internship on the following schedule:

          Spring Interns - October
          Summer/Fall Interns - February

Potential interns for Summer or Spring 2023:

Check the DKH website, DKH CANVAS page and their emails beginning October 3, 2022 for the link for the CANVAS page. This will have the recorded instructions, access to the application documents and all of the information to apply for the program.  

Students are given access to a course site with information outlining the procedures that must be followed to design and complete an internship.  Students must register for the course and credits which can be completed during the fall or spring semester, or during summer session.

The department Internship Program Director will evaluate all the necessary paperwork connected with the internship, provide appropriate program information to the intern and site supervisor, and assign the final grade.

Look for postings on the department bulletin board and website for the exact date, time and location of the mandatory orientation meeting. Students who fail to attend the meeting and comply with application procedures will not be eligible to register for the course.

The Internship Agency Directory is a listing of available internships appropriate for each major. Students may nominate other potential internship agencies for possible approval by the internship director.

Internship Agencies
 Exercise Science
 Sport Management

Note:  Another internship course, Internship II (01:377:497, 01:955:497), is available after completing the internship required for the student's major. This course may not be used to fulfill any portion of the credits required as electives for the chosen major.