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Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Year 2017-2018

If your questions are not answered below, please contact any faculty advisor in the Loree Gymnasium, 70 Lipman Drive, Cook/Douglass Campus.  Drop-in advising hours are posted here.

About the Major

What degree will I earn through this major?

All majors earn a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree.  The major you declared, Exercise Science or Sport Management, will be listed on your diploma.

If I major in Exercise Science or Sport Management, do I also need a minor in a different subject area?

No, we are what is described as a "credit intensive major" and are exempt from both SAS and SEBS requirements for a minor to complement a major.  While many students select a minor, it is discretionary.

Is there a minor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health?


How do I declare the Exercise Science or Sport Management major?

To declare, you must register for one of several 2-hour major declaration meetings scheduled throughout the fall semester prior to the November pre-registration, and then again in the spring semester prior to the March/April pre-registration.  The schedule for these meetings is posted on the departmental website at the beginning of each semester.  Registration for the declaration meetings takes place in person in the Kinesiology and Health Office in the Loree Gymnasium on the Douglass Campus (70 Lipman Drive).

What are the requirements for declaring the major?

Students who wish to declare a major in Exercise Science or Sport Management must:
1.  Have completed a minimum of 1 semester at Rutgers University with a minimum overall GPA of 2.0
     Have transferred in to Rutgers University with a minimum of 15 credits

2.  Attend a departmental declaration meeting

If I intend to declare but am still a non-major, can I register for majors-only classes?

Most classes are open to all students.  If a course is closed or is for majors-only, it is up to the instructor to authorize a special permission number.  You can obtain a special permission number by contacting the instructor directly.  You will only be eligible if you meet all to the prerequisites and requirements.  If issued a number, the instructor will inform the Kinesiology and Health Office and authorize the staff to provide you with such a number.

Since requirements for the major sometimes change, which requirements must I follow?

Students follow the requirements in effect during the semester in which they first declared the major.  You may choose to convert to any new rules but then you must follow all the new requirements (i.e., you cannot choose some of the old rules and some of the new rules; your choice is "all or none").  Degree Navigator can be used to determine if switching versions is of benefit to you.  The Fall 2013 is the latest version of the requirements for the Exercise Science major.  Fall 2017 is the latest version of the requirements for the Sport Management major.

Course Specific

Does Biology 101-102 from Newark or Camden meet the requirements for Biology 115-116 here in New Brunswick?

Yes for Camden, but no for Newark.  Newark made substantial changes in their biology core as of the summer of 2011 and their curriculum requires a different sequence and more courses than Biology 115-116.  Check with the Biological Sciences Department here at Rutgers New Brunswick to make certain courses taken at Newark meet the equivalency to ensure you will be eligible for Systems Physiology and its lab (146:356-357), two courses which require Biology 115-116 here at New Brunswick as a prerequisite.  The equivalency to Biology 115-116 is also a requirement for Functional Human Anatomy (377:213) taught in the Kinesiology and Health Department.

Can a course in a specific topic such as statistics be substituted for the specific requirement in the Exercise Science or Sport Management major?

In some cases, the answer is "Yes." As an example, for Basic Statistics for Exercise Science (377:275), we routinely accept the following Rutgers courses:  960:211-212 or 830:200 or 960:401 or 960:484 IF A GRADE OF "C" OR BETTER HAS BEEN EARNED.  These course substitutes are listed in Degree Navigator under each option.

Are Winter and Summer courses at Rutgers accepted for the major and do those grades count toward my GPA?

Yes, they are accepted and those grades, as well as grades earned at Rutgers-Newark and Rutgers-Camden, are included in your GPA.  Courses taken at Newark and Camden invariably have different numbers making it difficult for the registrar's computer to recognize it as a prerequisite or a completed requirement.  Check in the Kinesiology and Health Office to gain access to courses which you have the prerequisites for but with the wrong course number.

Can I register for two different mini-courses (1.5 credits each) in the same time slot - one scheduled for the first seven weeks of the semester and the other scheduled for the second seven weeks?

Yes, but because the registrar's computer does not permit you to register for two different courses in the same time slot in the same semester, you must go directly to any of the Dean's advising offices or the Registrar's Office to register in person.  You cannot do so online.

Does the Department of Kinesiology and Health accept on-line courses?

Yes, we accept on-line and hybrid courses offered at Rutgers.  If is advised, however, to seek advisor approval prior to registration for any on-line course that does not have the exact course number of the in-person course.

If I enroll in a Study Abroad Program, will I be able to take courses abroad that count toward my major?

Yes, the Department offers faculty led study abroad courses which count as upper level electives.  For study abroad outside the major, advisor approval is required.

If I have a substantial number of tranfer credits, are there any restrictions on how many can be used toward the major?

Yes, you must take a minimum of seven courses specifically designated as Exercise Science or Sport Management (i.e., 377) in order to be awarded the B.S. degree in Exercise Science or Sport Management at Rutgers.

Which specific courses are included in the calculation of my major GPA?

The specific courses used to determine your major GPA are listed on the Option Check List for each major.  Some of these courses are taught within other departments such as biology, chemistry and physics in the Exercise Science major, and within communications, psychology and economics in the Sport Management major.  See a faculty advisor for copies of the option check list.  Degree Navigator calculates the major GPA automatically for you but will not include any credits completed within the major that go above and beyond the requirements on the option check lists even though such courses may be of interest to graduate schools and employers.

Does a required course still count toward the major should I get a grade of D in it?

Yes, as long as you have an overall GPA of 2.0 and a major GPA of 2.0.  There are two exceptions:  Courses which are non-377 courses yet are approved as electives for the major or as a substitute for a required course must be C or better.

If I get a D or an F in a course and re-take it, does the new grade replace the old grade or are the grades averaged?

For major GPA, only the highest grade for the course is included in the calculation.  For overall GPA, refer to your school's academic policy (SAS or SEBS) for repeating courses.


Am I required to take an internship?

Yes, but you are not eligible to do so until you are a senior with a minimum of 90 credits overall, 20 credits in the major, a minimum GPA of 2.0 both overall and in the major, and have formally applied for approval from the undergraduate program director.  Approval is granted the semester before the actual internship occurs.

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