Majors graduating from the Exercise Science major will demonstrate mastery of concepts crucial to an understanding of basic human anatomy and physiology. After two years of basic math and science (biology, chemistry, physics, calculus, and statistics), students study human physiology as it relates to exercise and physical activity via such courses as anatomy, system physiology, exercise physiology, kinesiology, motor learning, exercise & aging, administration, biomechanics and movement for individuals with disabilities.

Upon completion of the exercise science programs, students will be qualified for graduate programs in medicine, exercise physiology, physical and occupational therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, corporate fitness, athletic training, physician assistant, as well as most other health-related professions.

Majors in Sport Management will demonstrate mastery of concepts crucial to both theoretical and applied work in business and management. Upon completion of basic courses in economics, accounting, marketing, and communication, upper-level students will master the application of these basic business principles to a wide variety of sport settings via courses such as sport and law, risk management, organizational behavior in sport, sport sociology, sport psychology, and sport marketing and management.

Upon graduation, students will be prepared to enter careers in sport administration, sport marketing, facilities management, and commercial sport or go on to law school, master of business administration programs, or advanced degrees in marketing, administration, and business.