University Programs

Auburn University

Auburn University has an office of Accessibility Adaptive Sports who are focused on developing fitness and sports and fitness activities for students, faculty, and staff with disabilities. Currently, with the help of Department of Kinesiology, the university has following opportunities:

Wheelchair Basketball

One of the oldest wheelchair sports. Currently, Auburn competes nationwide. On campus opportunities for intramurals are being developed.

Wheelchair Tennis

The only adaptation to this sport is the athlete using a wheelchair is allowed two bounces before hitting the ball. This makes it an easy sport to integrate those who use wheelchairs to play with those who don’t.

Weight Room

A collaboration effort with the School of Kinesiology. Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 5 - 6pm, Memorial Coliseum 1127.  A graduate assistant is available to give aid and advice to participants. Accessible strength and cardio machines are available.


The newest Adapted sport on Auburn’s campus. 5 handcycles are available for recreational use.