AMP Lab Research


 Individuals with type 2 diabetes are often advised to exercise to manage blood glucose levels. What is unclear is how diet interacts with exercise. This is important as food may modify the ability of exercise to work most effectively for blood glucose control. Here we look to compare whether using a mobile app, Noom, impacts diet compared with standard diet advice recommended by medical professionals per American Diabetes Association recommendations. Individuals with type 2 diabetes will be screened to see if they qualify and will be offered fitness, body composition, blood glucose, vascular health, and blood flow as well as energy metabolism measures to better understand health. Quality of life questionnaires will also be performed. For more information, e-mail Jaclyn Dosik, M.Ed at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A staff member will respond to expand on information from our flyers around the community, social media, and newspapers (e.g. New Brunswick Today, Central NJ, Princetonian, etc.).